Six Sigma iPhone application now available on iTunes

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J.P.E. Consulting LLC announced the release of its new SIX SIGMA iPhone application. The application is available for purchase on the iTunes App Store in 23 countries.


The SIX SIGMA iPhone application is designed to be a quick reference guide to the Six Sigma program methodology and tools. Additionally, the application gives a brief overview of the history of Six Sigma and the various roles of a typical Six Sigma program; while also incorporating various applicable Lean tools.


Many Six Sigma practitioners utilize printed paperback reference guides that sell anywhere from $12.99 to $24.99, however mobile devices are revolutionizing the way people reference information and how they interact in business and society. With the SIX SIGMA iPhone application practitioners can have a similar version of this reference information on their iPhone and iPod Touch device for $6.99.


The SIX SIGMA iPhone application can be found on the iTunes App store by going to: itms://

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