Eaton rolls out Energy Saver System technology

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Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation on October 5 announced its Energy Saver System technology that enables large, three-phase uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) to operate at the highest efficiency in the industry (99 percent) without sacrificing reliability. As part of Eaton’s new Energy Advantage Architecture (EAA), the new Energy Saver System technology drives UPS energy losses to nearly zero; dramatically reducing energy consumption, environmental impact and power costs.

NetRiver, an early adopter of the Energy Saver System technology, is the leading provider of collocation and interconnect services in Washington State. NetRiver provides a resilient platform for carriers, Internet content companies, hosting firms and enterprises to outsource their data center and network operations. The company turned to Eaton when it faced a major expansion for a new collocation data center.


“We needed another 1.5 megawatts of clean, computer-grade power to match our growth,” said Adam Vierra, sales and marketing manager, NetRiver. “The 99 percent UPS efficiency with Energy Saver System is incredible. We’re talking about megawatts of power here, a large baseline of power consumption. When you take that over days, months and years, there’s the potential for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in savings.”


Eaton’s Energy Saver System can detect changes in power conditions and transition to the appropriate mode faster and more reliably than conventional “eco-mode” capabilities that are available with legacy UPS products. Depending on the conditions, Energy Saver System UPSs can operate in standard, double-conversion, high alert or storm detection mode to provide flexible, user-controlled functionality on-demand.


“While advances in technology during the past 30 years have dramatically improved the efficiency of UPSs, specifying engineers often had to choose a UPS based on mutually exclusive merits, either highest efficiency or highest protection,” said Jim Davis, three-phase business unit manager, Eaton’s Power Quality and Control Operations. “With the Energy Saver System there is no compromise, a single UPS delivers consistent power quality and protection for IT systems with the highest efficiency across all load ranges.”


Eaton’s Energy Saver System is currently available as an option for the Eaton 9395 and 9390 UPSs. Existing 9395 and 9390 units may also have the capability to upgrade to the Energy Saver System, customers can contact their local Eaton field technician for compatibility and upgrade options. For more information about Eaton’s Energy Saver System, visit To learn more about Eaton’s complete series of power quality products and services, visit

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