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Lattice Technology, developers of digital manufacturing applications using the XVL format, on August 14 released chapters 7 and 8 of the new book, “Improving Lean Manufacturing Through 3D Data” by Dr. Hiroshi Toriya.


First published in Japan in late 2008, this book is targeted at manufacturing executives and educators trying to work out new strategies to build greater productivity and efficiencies into existing manufacturing processes. The book covers a wide range of case studies from leading Japanese manufacturers, along with recent survey data, to build understanding of how manufacturing can be enhanced using 3D data in downstream processes. It also explains the evolution of 3D and IT in the industry, and shows how it can be leveraged into other areas of manufacturing that are still using traditional processes.


Chapters 7 and 8 both delve deeply into Niigata Power Systems’ vision, strategies, and tactics for improving corporate-wide productivity. Niigata Power Systems develops and manufactures large engines, turbines, major plant and so on. In 2002, the company focused on using 3D data to deliver productivity improvements across the entire operation. To achieve this, it implemented the Pro/ENGINEER 3D CAD software from PTC, and the XVL applications from Lattice Technology to perform digital mockups of the massive 3D data, design reviews, customer reviews and also transformed the way the shipping and sales departments handle the products. As a result of its efforts, 3D is now used constantly in departments that are traditionally unrelated to 3D CAD data, with 3D XVL data playing a significant part in better shipping, sales and assembly processes both on- and off-site.


An example of Niigata’s sales demonstrations of entire 3D plant is freely available at here.


This latest book is available free and exclusively from Lattice Technology and 2 chapters per month will be released to registered recipients. The book delivers 13 Chapters which include case studies on major manufacturers including Toyota, Brother Industries, Niigata Power Systems, Alpine Precision Inc., and more.


To find out more, view selected pages and to register to download the book, visit Lattice Technology’s Book Resources page.


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