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As the position remains open for the head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), officials from the Department of Labor are expressing their commitment to step up the government’s efforts to ensure workplace safety. Among the priorities cited by Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis during a recent address at an American Society of Safety Engineers conference was the Department of Labor’s interest in partnering with businesses, communities and safety professionals to keep workers safe. 


In an effort to implement programs aimed at achieving the government’s goals to increase worker safety and improve workplace operations, Advanced Technology Services (ATS), a provider of outsourced production equipment maintenance, on August 6 unveiled a new program called “Live Safety” aimed at helping companies develop, implement and maintain state-of-the-art safety programs.


“This is a proactive, comprehensive safety program that will assist companies in eliminating unsafe working conditions, reducing injuries and improving manufacturing operations as a whole,” said Scott Stone, manager of safety for ATS. “Safety is a state of mind, and it requires ongoing training and follow-up to identify gaps and sustain successful safety programs.”


ATS’ Live Safety program is based around four core elements including management leadership and employee participation, hazard identification and assessment, hazard prevention control and safety training. The program’s strategy stems from a cultural shift within ATS to a zero incident environment in all workplaces and takes a company’s current injury reduction efforts to the next level by guiding them in creating an incident-free culture.


Live Safety program experts begin with an audit of the manufacturing facilities and ultimately develop, implement and maintain a state-of-the-art safety program with the goal of meeting all of the customer’s safety requirements. The following levels of the safety program are available to accommodate internal safety requirements:

·        Safety Audit

·        Safety Management System

·        Sustainability Metrics

·        Online Compliance Training

·        Behavior-Based Training

·        Regulatory Program Development and Upkeep

·        Onsite Compliance Training

·        Record Retention

·        Onsite Safety Coordinator


Each step of the safety program provides a different level of service or training necessary for zero incidents and is designed to provide a clear road map to help a company achieve all safety requirements. ATS offers a full- or part-time safety expert that will provide customers with the expertise to manage the safety systems within the facility.


“We are committed to helping our customers’ factories run better with zero safety incidents,” said Jeff Owens, president of ATS. “People are the number one assets in a company, so why not make the investment to keep them safe?”


ATS has proprietary tracking tools to ensure worksite analysis is consistent and that items identified during health and safety surveys, inspections and investigations are tracked to closure. Under the program, ATS employees also work to ensure customer and regulatory requirements are met and exceeded.


The ATS Live Safety solution is available now. For more information, visit


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