UT renames program as Reliability and Maintenance Center

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The University of Tennessee’s Maintenance and Reliability Center (MRC) has been renamed to the “Reliability and Maintainability Center” in order to better emphasize the belief that reliability is the primary attribute that member companies are trying to achieve through this organization. 

“While the maintenance function is a critical and integral enabler, it is not the primary objective in itself,” said director Tom Byerley. “As we move forward as the Reliability and Maintainability Center (RMC), we are not changing our programs or our approaches except to continue optimizing them to meet the needs of our members and our students. We will continue to emphasize maintenance as well as reliability in our education and information sharing activities. We will continue to offer research in the area of maintenance as well as reliability. We will continue to recruit and welcome those involved with maintenance activities as well as those involved with reliability activities. However, we will be stressing reliability as the goal that we want to help our members achieve.”


The center’s new Web site address is www.rmc.utk.edu and its new e-mail address is rmc@utk.edu. The RMC office phone number (865-974-4749) and fax number (865-974-4995) are unchanged.


The RMC was started in the College of Engineering at The University of Tennessee in 1996 with 12 original company members and has now grown to more than 30 member companies and organizations. The RMC exists to advance reliability and maintenance education and practices within the academic and industrial communities. It creates opportunities for member companies and organizations, students, faculty, and industry to achieve exceptional value through a comprehensive program of education, research and information sharing.

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