Book creates lean road map for addressing green issues

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Businesses can improve their bottom line as well as their overall health and sustainability by applying the lean technique of value stream mapping to environmental issues. How to achieve this is explained in Green Intentions: Creating a Green Value Stream to Compete and Win, a new book from Productivity Press.


Author Brett Wills describes green-stream mapping, a systematic process or road map for achieving environmental sustainability. Based on the highly successfully lean philosophy and framework, going green can be applied to any organization, in any industry. As lean encourages a shift in thinking to the customer’s point of view, green-stream mapping encourages a shift in thinking to an environmental point of view.


“Part I, Going Green” shows how the green value stream provides a dynamic, proven, and successful approach to going green. It also defines each of the seven green wastes, explains the overall green value stream process, provides guidance on implementing it in your organization, and shows how to map your green value stream.


“Part II, The Seven Green Wastes” provides a step-by-step process for minimizing and eliminating each of the seven wastes. It includes real-life examples illustrating the environmental and economic benefits associated with moving toward the elimination of each.


Green Intentions: Creating a Green Value Stream to Compete and Win also includes:

·        A green dictionary that defines current terms associated with the green movement

·        Web links and other resources to help you in any journey toward environmental sustainability

·        An environmental primer that clears through the rhetoric to paint a clear picture of what is going on with the environment and what the end goal of environmental and overall sustainability needs to look like


About the author

Brett Wills is a senior consultant for High Performance Solutions, a leading consultancy firm specializing in coaching organizations towards world-class performance. He has more than 10 years experience in the environmental arena, more than seven years of direct manufacturing experience and four years of lean implementation. Brett has first-hand experience leading teams in the implementation of both lean and green initiatives. Brett’s career started as the Environmental Programs Coordinator for an energy efficient transformer manufacturer, Powersmiths International Corporation. Eventually becoming the plant manager for Powersmiths, Brett initiated and led many lean and green projects that produced significant cost savings, efficiency and process improvements in addition to the positive environmental impacts. Currently, Brett is also the director of the Green Enterprise Movement, a green coaching firm that he founded that coaches organizations worldwide toward environmental sustainability.

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