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Leading industry analyst ARC Advisory Group recently released a research article highlighting the Rockwell Automation strategy for addressing the key drivers for sustainable production, including products and services to help solve environmental, safety and energy challenges.


The report, written by research director Craig Resnick, was released in May 2009. It describes the business incentives behind implementing sustainable production solutions in manufacturing operations, including increasing yield, improving operational flexibility, addressing regulatory compliance concerns, and reducing raw materials usage and utility consumption. 


“Rockwell Automation expands the general definition of sustainability, which often refers only to energy and environmental concerns, to include workplace safety, product integrity and reliability, and reuse of waste products in the reverse supply chain,” Resnick said in the report. “Overall, the elements of the Rockwell Automation sustainable production portfolio are aligned to make manufacturing operations cleaner and safer while simultaneously being more energy efficient and competitive.”


The report goes on to discuss the business imperative of sustainability investments. “In light of the current economic uncertainties, manufacturers, processors and OEMs will only invest in information, automation, machinery and processes that will make a significant impact on profitability,” said Resnick. “Sustainability is becoming a business imperative, not just a societal and environmental imperative, and must improve competitiveness.”


Rockwell Automation provides a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services, which help manufacturers address sustainability challenges while simultaneously adding value to the bottom line:


Environmental concerns: With offerings such as modular solvent recovery solutions and distillation technology from Rockwell Automation process technologies, obtained through the acquisition of ProsCon, and predictive emissions and active compliance reporting from Pavilion Technologies, another recent acquisition, Rockwell Automation helps manufacturers reduce emissions and waste, measure and report results, and minimize raw material use.


Safety and product integrity: In order to attract highly qualified employees and keep up with consumer demand for products manufactured in a socially responsible fashion, manufacturers must maintain a safe product produced in a safe working environment. Rockwell Automation offers Allen‑Bradley process and machine safety products – a core component of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture system – and process safety solutions from ICS Triplex to help manufacturers operate more responsibility and enjoy a stronger brand reputation as a result.


Energy: Rockwell Automation helps manufacturers make the transformation from passive energy users into strategic managers of their energy producing and consuming assets. The company’s software offerings, including FactoryTalk VantagePoint energy management dashboards, RSEnergyMetrix software, and multiple solutions from Pavilion Technologies help manufacturers monitor, report and optimize energy usage. In addition, Rockwell Automation energy auditing services and Intelligent Motor Control solutions, such as variable frequency and liquid-cooled drives, help provide manufacturers with a comprehensive energy-management solution that helps drive lower production costs and optimal profits.


“This report calls attention to the fact that Rockwell Automation is dedicated to improving our customers’ competitive advantage through the implementation of sustainable production solutions,” said John Nesi, vice president of Market Development, Rockwell Automation. “As energy consumption by manufacturers comes under increased scrutiny, and volatile prices and inconsistent supply have the potential to wreak havoc on profits, sustainable production through automation provides our customers with the opportunity to optimize their production for maximum profits with minimal environmental impact.”


“Manufacturing companies should recognize that it will become increasingly difficult for their operations to drive new growth and margin without considering sustainable production initiatives as part of their business decisions,” said Resnick. “Rockwell Automation has taken a forward-thinking perspective on sustainable production and is starting to show its customers new ways to leverage and optimize their existing automation and information investments to become better and smarter managers of both their assets and energy resources.”


Rockwell Automation Inc., the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Rockwell Automation employs about 20,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries.


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