Dow Corning among firms calling for solar energy policies

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Representatives of Dow Corning, a leading producer of silicon-based materials used in solar energy technologies, and representatives of America's top solar energy companies visited Washington D.C. on June 24 to call for new federal policies to encourage the growth of a domestic solar energy industry that will promote economic growth, create jobs, and help meet greenhouse gas emissions goals.


"Solar energy is a clean, efficient and readily available technology that with the right support could help transform America's energy, environmental and economic future. To make America a 21st-century solar power, we need smart and effective government policies from Congress that will help the private sector grow, thrive and create thousands of new jobs," said Dow Corning chairman, president and CEO Stephanie A. Burns.


During the visit, Dow Corning and representatives from several of its leading solar technology customers met with key members of Congress and the Administration. They delivered to policy makers a Four Point Policy Plan that outlines the steps needed to encourage the adoption of solar energy technologies and support a new renewable energy manufacturing sector in America. The plan calls on Congress and the Obama Administration to:

·        Enact a broad federal legislative and regulatory package, designed to encourage the rapid growth of a viable renewable energy industry and encourage consumer adoption.

·        Increase investments in research and development to support innovation in solar energy technologies.

·        Increase renewable energy-related education, training and job creation.

·        Establish the federal government as a leader in the utilization of clean energy technologies.


Dow Corning was joined by nine of its customers representing the solar energy value chain:

·        Abengoa Solar

·        BP Solar

·        Kyocera

·        National Semiconductor Corporation

·        Sanyo

·        SCHOTT Solar

·        Solar Power Industries

·        SolarWorld

·        Suniva Inc.


Dow Corning's silicon-based materials are used in solar cell manufacturing, solar module assembly and installation. In the past five years, Dow Corning and its joint ventures at the Hemlock Semiconductor Group have announced investments of more than $5 billion to research and develop as well as to expand production of materials critical to the solar industry.


To learn more about Dow Corning's efforts to promote a comprehensive energy policy that will support the growth and success of a vibrant American solar energy industry, visit

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