Nissan Motor publishes its 2009 sustainability report

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Nissan Motor Company Ltd. will publish its 2009 Sustainability Report on June 23, after the conclusion of its 110th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.


The report includes the Nissan CSR Scorecard which tracks the progress made on annual CSR objectives. It also outlines the achievements during fiscal year 2008 and defines new targets for 2009 as part of a roadmap for continued CSR development. Especially, environmental and safety efforts that auto manufacturers should be responsible for are detailed in two sections, "Protecting the Environment" and "Improving Safety".


Nissan president and CEO Carlos Ghosn remarks in the opening article of the report: "The current operating environment is testing automakers' ability to balance short- and long-term objectives. At Nissan, we will adapt and make the constant efforts needed to pass the test successfully. Our actions today are designed to help us survive the current crisis and assure the vitality of our company tomorrow."


Nissan's CSR division was formed in April 2005 to manage and strengthen the company's CSR strategies, manage relationships with stakeholders* and enhance its external reputation. In 2006, the Nissan CSR Policy** with its nine key areas of focus*** were identified and a dedicated CSR steering committee was established. Using the CSR scorecard, the committee monitors the company's progress in each of the nine areas, analyzes risks and opportunities, and sets future goals for the company.


Out of consideration for the environment, the report has been published online only since 2007, downloadable from the Nissan CSR Web site.


Nissan has been addressing a wide range of actions under "Blue Citizenship" which represents the company's desire to protect the blue planet and to be a corporate citizen that can live symbiotically with people and society. These efforts range from such global issues as the environmental protection to contribution to communities, promoting diversity and making personal mobility available to as many people as possible. In our Sustainability report 2009, we are introducing many different efforts based on the Blue Citizenship.


*: Stakeholders
Nissan's stakeholders include customers, shareholders, employees, dealers and suppliers, as well as the communities in which the company works and operates.


**: Nissan CSR Policy
"Ethical conduct, strong corporate governance with a high degree of transparency and a clear focus on diversity are the foundation for all our activities worldwide. We aim for the sustained profitable growth of the company, and at the same time contribute proactively to the sustainable development of mobility and society. We will listen to, and work with, our stakeholders around the world and create trust, opportunity and long-term sustainable value."


***: Nine key areas
Nissan's nine key areas of focus for CSR activity are integrity, economic contribution, brand, quality, environment, employees, safety, value chain and philanthropy.


For Nissan's sustainability report, visit:

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