Hose material avoids issues when transporting powdered foodstuffs

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Trelleborg Industrial Hose, part of Trelleborg Engineered Systems, launched a new compound for food hoses that prevents the accelerated wear usually associated with static dissipation when transferring powdered foodstuffs. Following extensive laboratory tests and in applications with end-users, Trelleborg Industrial Hose can offer a white food-grade compound that is conductive enough to dissipate static electrical charges according to ISO 8031 while meeting the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 177.2600. Critical tests with sugar have given outstanding results, proving the service life of the hose is increased tenfold when compared to a non-conductive white food-grade hose.

“One of the main reasons for failure of rubber hoses used for transfer of powders is electrical sparks,” says Ludovic Dumoulin, development engineer for Trelleborg Industrial Hose. “Electrical charges created by powder particles during transfer can reach extreme levels depending on the media being processed and its speed of transfer. These charges will attempt to dissipate, and if the hose acts as an insulator, the electrical charges will rupture the molecular chains of the rubber hose. This diminishes the elastic quality of the rubber hoses, reducing abrasion resistance and accelerating wear of the hoses.”

The common black hoses used for non-food powders are conductive and can, therefore, dissipate electrical charges effectively along their structure or to the ground. However, white rubber is usually preferred for transfer of food products and to meet food regulations, such as those of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, there are strict limitations on the type of ingredients used in rubber compounds. Most of those that usually make rubber conductive are restricted for use in contact with food stuffs. This means that the life of white hoses transferring food stuffs is significantly lowered.

The new white rubber compound from Trelleborg Industrial Hose is conductive enough to dissipate static electrical charges according to ISO 8031 while meeting the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 177.2600. It is proven to give extended life in powdered food-processing applications.

The new white compound is available in two hose types, each with a black outer protective cover:

  • SUPERVRAC for bulk tank truck unloading
  • TRELLVAC for either stationary or mobile vacuum systems
In addition, as the hoses are conductive through the hose itself, its cover and in between, they can safely be used in an explosive atmosphere environment meeting the European Union ATEX directive, provided the usual earthing safety measures are taken.

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