MISTRAS receives safety recognition from ExxonMobil

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For the fifth year in a row, MISTRAS Services has been awarded the ExxonMobil Safety Recognition Award for their outstanding safety performance at ExxonMobil Torrance Refinery in Torrance, Calif.

The award was presented based on work performed by MISTRAS Services employees, Signal Hill division, while on assignment at the Torrance Refinery. In 2008, the MISTRAS team experienced no injuries while working at the refinery and were acknowledged for having the safest performance the refinery has ever had.

Annually, ExxonMobil evaluates the safety performance of various contractors. The contractors' performance is evaluated on many factors including accidents, first aid incidents, following safety rules, safety audits, preparing/ submitting the required job analysis and other required documentation. The number of contracted employees working in the refinery is also taken into consideration in the evaluation.

"The Signal Hill employees have always made safety their first priority by working hard and diligently at all the refineries in the area," said Pete Guevera, business development manager for MISTRAS's Signal Hill Division. "This recognition from ExxonMobil strongly encourages safe practices by recognizing everyone's efforts and reinforcing the safety and quality consciousness that motivates our employees to continue to work safely."

MISTRAS Group Inc. provides non-destructive testing products and services under industry-recognized brand names including CONAM Inspection and Engineering Services Inc., Physical Acoustics Corporation, and Vibra-Metrics as well as regional or product specific brand names. MISTRAS Group offers asset inspection and mechanical integrity solutions to the oil & gas, power generation, aerospace, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors as well as strategic on-line instrumentation that facilities plant asset management. In addition, MISTRAS provides enterprise solution software that aids in the safe and profitable operation of industrial facilities worldwide.

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