Thresher Industries takes green manufacturing full circle

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Thresher Industries Inc., an eco-friendly manufacturer of precision recycled aluminum and advanced metal matrix composite parts, announced June 16 that it has successfully closed the loop in creating a fully recycled manufacturing process. Plant Sciences Nurseries placed an order with Thresher for “planter wheels” to be produced using worn-out wheels from previous orders shipped to Thresher in Plant Science's returnable containers. Materials will be re-melted, the alloys checked and the parts processed, packed and shipped back to Plant Sciences using the returnable containers.


"Customers like Plant Sciences share our commitment to raise the standards of environmental protection within the foundry business. With the completion of the installation of our die casting operation at Hanford, we plan to begin shipment on our first orders this month. We anticipate a 300to 400 percent increase in sales at year-end 2009 compared to last year, primarily due to our unique use of reclaimable materials and green manufacturing methods that appeal to a wide range of industries," said Tom Flessner, CEO and president of Thresher Industries. "With the Plant Sciences order, we can clearly demonstrate how green manufacturing has come full circle. Everything used in manufacturing at our Hanford plant is obtained either domestically or fully rebuilt from used equipment. Our team uses returnable containers whenever possible and high-strength, composite alloys that reduce the total weight of parts, decrease shipping costs and lower total energy requirements for end products."


About Thresher Industries Inc.

Thresher Industries is a leading manufacturer of low carbon footprint conventional and custom machined die castings made from 100 percent recycled aluminum and metal matrix composites. Based in Hanford, Calif., the company operates an ISO 9000-compliant, "green" foundry that integrates bio-degradable technologies and processes to lower the economic and environmental costs of production. Thresher offers full engineering support, designing, and prototype development to a variety of industries including: agriculture, aerospace, defense, transportation, and automotive in the U.S. and Europe.

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