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Written to help executives in determining right from wrong during a lean initiative, Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation (Productivity Press) shows that lean is more about an approach than it is about tools. It presents the successful strategies and case histories of several key American leaders who have been instrumental in bringing lean to the forefront of various industries.


This book is written by George Koenigsaecker, one of the most well-known lean thinkers of our time, with a long history of transforming corporations into industry leaders.


Organized in the chronological sequence that a leader embarking on a lean journey would experience, Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation:  

·        Describes the simple, yet powerful, True North metrics used by Toyota and describes how they drive every line item in the good direction

·        Explains the use of value stream analysis at the leadership level

·        Shows you how to structure successful kaizen events that improve the value stream

·        Presents  tactical organizational steps necessary to sustain double-digit improvements

·        Explores the development of a corporate assessment and review structure in support of a lean transformation

·        Introduces leadership tools such as strategy deployment, transformation value stream analysis, and transformation plan of care

·        Discusses the least understood  and most critical aspect of a lean transformation: the building of a lean culture


Koenigsaecker led Jacobs Vehicle Equipment Company’s lean conversion. In Lean Thinking, Womack and Jones called this transformation one of the first and most successful in the United States. Over a three-year period, the conversion doubled productivity and increased total inventory turnover 500 percent. As a group president at the Danaher Corporation, George led the transformations of both the Automotive and Tool Groups, and he authored the original version of the Danaher Business System that was credited for the company’s success. Koenigsaecker also led The Hon Company’s successful lean conversion which doubled productivity and tripled revenues, leading IndustryWeek to recognize HON on their list of the “World’s 100 Best Managed Firms.” Currently, George is president of Lean Investments LLC, a company that acquires manufacturing firms and leads their lean enterprise conversions. Currently, George is a board member of several organizations involved in lean implementation including: The Ariens Company, Baird Capital Partners, The ThedaCare Center For Healthcare Value, Simpler Consulting, the Shingo Prize and Watlow Manufacturing.

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