Ford technical center renews green power supply

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Ford's Dunton Technical Center, in Essex in the United Kingdom, will continue to be powered by electricity from renewable sources after a new sourcing contract was signed.

The company's British research and development headquarters is home to an engineering team of around 3,000, which is responsible for developing engines and transmissions for all Ford vehicles in Europe, as well as the company's commercial vehicle range.

Since March last year, electrical power on the 270-acre site near Basildon has come from GDF's renewable division. The majority is sourced from hydropower and the rest from wind power and generation from waste, with sources based in the U.K. and on the continent.

By sourcing renewable electricity, Dunton is replacing power from traditional sources that would have generated an estimated 35,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Graham Hoare, head of Ford Dunton, said: "The Dunton team includes engineers working hard at maximising fuel economy and minimising emissions across the Ford vehicle range. We also have an energy committee which has secured this continued green power supply for the site – further contributing to Ford's considerable environmental progress to date."

Ford Dunton's energy committee has also converted paint spray booths to dry operation, saving 8,000 cubic metres of water each year, and reduced waste destined for landfill from 540 tonnes in 2007 to an estimated 50 tonnes last year.


Graham Hoare, head of Ford Dunton, which has renewed its green energy supply.

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