Book series explores Lean Six Sigma, balanced scorecard

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Introducing to some and presenting to others, the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) guided approach by Forrest Breyfogle introduces and shows in great detail:

  • How enterprise organizations go beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard;
  • New perspectives on what to measure and report
  • When and how to report it;
  • How to interpret the results;
  • How to use the results to establish goals, prioritize work efforts and continuously enhance organizational focus and success.

With further elaboration on the shortcomings of traditional systems and the details of an IEE implementation, each volume builds upon one another so organizations develop a true appreciation and understanding of IEE benefits and its implementation.

For more in depth details in regards to each volume, click the image(s) below.

Lean Six Sigma - Integrated Enterprise Excellence
Lean Six Sigma - The Basics
Lean Six Sigma - Business Deployment
Lean Six Sigma - Improvement Project Execution
Listen and learn more about how and why IEE is just the answer for your organization to achieve a sustainable enterprise-wide system. [ Download IEE Brochure ] | 4MB

Forrest’s Innovation Creation Process (ICP) interjects a “right brain/left brain” approach to the integration of Lean and Six Sigma tools at both the project execution and enterprise level. ICP offers a practical method for organizations to use innovation to improve products, programs, services, processes, and organizational effectiveness, as promoted by the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. MBA Programs worldwide should consider incorporating the ICP process into their curriculum in their preparation of future global leaders.”

Donald C. Fisher, Ph.D.
Executive Director
MSQPC – The Quality Center
Memphis, TN
(2007 National Baldrige Examiner and author of six Baldrige-based books)

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