SMRP publishes set of M&R metrics definitions

Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals
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The Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) on May 4 announced the publication of a common set of maintenance and reliability metrics, or key performance indicators (KPIs). The metrics include a standard definition, objectives of the metric, the mathematical formula for calculating the metric, component definitions for terms used in the metric, qualifications of the metric (how it should be used), a sample calculation, a harmonization indicator and references.

These metrics were created by SMRP’s Best Practices Committee, one of three SMRP Body of Knowledge Directorate volunteer committees. These committees are comprised of maintenance and reliability professionals from around the world.  Prior to release, the metrics went through a rigorous development process that included an initial draft, project manager review and edit, subcommittee review and edit, web review (public review and comment, harmonization (with the indicators developed by the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies), validation (pilot implementation and verification), full committee review and edit, and final edit and format prior to publication.


The metrics can be purchased through the SMRP online store on the SMRP Web site at The individual metrics are available to SMRP members for $5 each and to non-members for $10 each. Currently, there are 10 metrics for sale with another 25 to be added over the next few weeks. A total of 70 are projected to be available by the end of the year. Additionally, SMRP plans to publish a compendium that will include all of the metrics. Included in the compendium will be several guidelines that supplement the metrics and an extensive glossary of the terms used in the metrics. To further enhance their global application, many of these metrics have been harmonized with European standard EN 15341 Maintenance Key Performance Indicators.

To view a complete list of the metrics and to purchase them, visit the SMRP home page at At SMRP’s annual conference in St. Louis, October 19-23, two track sessions will be offered on the metrics. One track session will focus on the metrics and another will focus on their harmonization to the European standard. Additionally, a full day workshop will be offered on the final day of the conference on the application of the metrics. Inquiries can be directed to Al Poling, SMRP technical director at 832-295-3009 or


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