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This image shows a map of the United States with the following states highlighted: California, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, New York, and Massachusetts. The highlighted states are those which are being funded for state-wide energy efficiency programs for manufacturers.

Twelve state projects will receive $9 million in funding to deliver industrial energy efficiency programs to local manufacturers.

Twelve state industrial energy efficiency projects to help local and regional manufacturers meet energy reduction goals will receive funding from DOE's Industrial Technologies Program (ITP). These awards support state projects that will provide energy assessments, software tool training, project implementation assistance, and more to help local companies reduce industrial energy use by 25% in 10 years.

Industrial energy efficiency begins at the local level, with individual plants finding ways to reduce energy use and costs. That is the idea behind approximately $9 million in federal funding being awarded to 12 state-level project teams to help them develop industrial energy efficiency programs to benefit local manufacturers.

Building on the success of ITP's Save Energy Now initiative, the selected projects aim to transform the face of industrial energy efficiency at the local level. The project teams will leverage ITP technical resources to implement activities such as energy assessments, training in ITP software tools, technology demonstrations, and energy management certification pilot programs. With the support of these awards, the states have set ambitious goals of helping to reduce energy use in industry by 25 percent in 10 years.

"States and regional organizations continue to be critical partners in the delivery of effective energy efficiency programs for the industrial manufacturing sector," explains Sandy Glatt, ITP project manager. "The interest on the part of the states in this effort demonstrates their commitment in supporting local manufacturers' efforts to save energy, reduce emissions, and lower production costs. ITP is thrilled at these new and renewed partnerships and the expected results."

The following 12 projects were selected through a competitive process for their innovative plans to assist local manufacturers in meeting their energy efficiency goals.

State Project Summary
California California Partnership for Improving Industrial Plant Productivity This project will deliver training, plant assessments, project demonstrations, new technology deployment, and energy management certification pilot activities. The project team has set energy-saving goals of 20 trillion Btu over a period of 3 years, with the potential of reducing CO2 emissions by more than 1 million tons.
Colorado Colorado Industrial Challenge and Recognition Program This project will encourage local industrial companies to set voluntary energy reduction goals; develop an industry best energy management practices round table; conduct energy assessments; assist companies in participating in utility demand side management programs; provide training; offer recognition and publicity for participating companies; and pilot American National Standards Institute (ANSI) protocols.
Georgia Southeast Industrial Energy Alliance This multi-state effort will partner with the Industrial Assessment Centers, Manufacturing Extension Partnership, and university extension services to provide training, plant assessments, plant certification programs, implementation assistance, and technology demonstrations to local companies.
Illinois Midwest States Save Energy Now Partnership Program This project aims to create dynamic partnerships between DOE, states, utilities, energy service companies, and industrial trade groups that will conduct energy assessments, promote emerging technologies, and assist in project implementation.
Indiana Save Energy Now Indiana The project will provide energy assessments, training, and project implementation assistance to industrial facilities across Indiana. This project is also part of Purdue University's program to create awareness of energy efficient, sustainable business practices to Indiana companies, and coordinate technology demonstrations and commercialization efforts.
Massachusetts Save Energy Now: State, Regional, and Local Delivery This project will assist approximately 20,000 manufacturing plants throughout New England through a targeted program of energy and combined heat and power feasibility assessments to reach a goal of 8%-14% energy savings. The project will also provide energy assessments, ITP software tool training, technical assistance, and information on a pilot plant certification program.
Michigan State of Michigan Regional Delivery of DOE's Save Energy Now Program The project will establish a Michigan Industrial Energy Center that will deliver a comprehensive energy savings program. This will provide education and certification for industrial energy managers, energy assessments, and technology implementation assistance.
New York New York Industrial Partnership Network This project will employ an incentive program whereby industrial associations will encourage large manufacturers to participate in New York State Energy Research and Development Authority programs. This project will also establish an Industrial Partnership Network that provides training and technical assistance to large manufacturers to implement energy savings projects.
South Carolina Save Energy Now South Carolina This project will provide ITP software tool training, tools, energy assessments, and technical resources to local manufacturers.
Texas Supporting Texas Manufacturing to Save Energy Now This project will develop a variety of programs tailored to the needs of all manufacturing companies, from largest to smallest. It will support training, energy assessments, project assistance, and a pilot plant certification program.
Washington Northwest Save Energy Now: Industrial Efficiency Initiative This project will help industries in Washington and Oregon identify no/low-cost and capital funded efficiency measures. The team will conduct energy assessments and training, and leverage regional resources to implement energy efficiency projects.
West Virginia Development of a Regional Assessment/Implementation Save Energy Now Delivery System Partnership This project will develop a comprehensive package of services that includes energy assessments and energy management technical resources. In addition, the team will create a Regional Energy Efficiency Knowledge Center and Marketing and Outreach Center that will serve as resource centers for industry energy efficiency services, products, financing, and tax incentives.

Through these awards and other collaborative efforts of its Save Energy Now initiative, ITP seeks to accelerate partnerships with states and local energy efficiency groups, utilities, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations to meet industrial energy efficiency challenges. These awarded projects support a long-term, extensive effort to expand ITP's successful Save Energy Now activities to the state level, where the greatest impact can be achieved.

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