Energy-saving alliance forged with West Virginia MEP

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Energy Automation Systems Inc. (EASI) and the West Virginia Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WVMEP) have forged a partnership that will lower the consumption and costs associated with electrical energy usage for manufacturing and industrial companies throughout West Virginia.


This partnership will help companies cut operating costs by offering EASI's engineered systems to West Virginia businesses to reduce their electrical system waste and increase their power quality. Business will be able to retain these costs savings as profit, to reinvest or to offset sales losses due to the economic downturn.


In addition, work by the partnership, performed under the auspices of WVMEP, will have a positive environmental impact for these companies as EASI systems also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


"EASI has 31 years in the industry and thousands of successful installations worldwide in industrial and commercial facilities that spend up to $54 million annually on their electric bills," said Joseph C. Merlo, founder and CEO of EASI. "We are confident that this partnership will have a significant impact on MEP members' bottom line profits."


The West Virginia MEP is a part of the national Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership program ( Now celebrating its 20-year anniversary, it has affected thousands of manufacturers, delivering $1.3 billion in cost savings annually and $6.25 billion in increased or retained sales in one year.


Manufacturing Extension Partnerships provide companies with services and access to public and private resources that enhance growth, improve productivity, and expand capacity. They work with companies willing to invest in their own futures, to make improvements in the short term, and position themselves to be stronger, long-term competitors domestically and internationally.


"Our purpose is to find ways to enable West Virginia manufacturers to win in the national and international arenas," said Tom Mahoney, WVMEP president. "EASI has a more than 30-year record of success in helping businesses of all kinds operate more efficiently at less cost. That's the experience now available to every West Virginia manufacturer."


Energy Automation Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electrical energy conservation technologies and implementer of electricity reduction solutions. Based in Nashville, Tenn., EASI has thousands of installations in over 60 countries. Having reduced the electricity consumption for clients such as Campbells, Conagra, BP and General Electric, EASI – through turn-key projects with a life cycle of more than 20 years – is poised for significant success as the country becomes more energy aware and cost-conscious.

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