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What, exactly, is industry-specific information and what do you do with it once you have it? How does the industry you are in impact how you manage safety? Does it really vary that much between industries?


The answer is "yes"; the industry you are in makes a huge difference not only in the hazards your workers face, but also the regulations that apply.


In addition, your industry can land you on an OSHA inspection list, as various targeting and emphasis programs are industry-driven or focused.


Finally, your industry provides one benchmark for you to compare your operations against. For example, you can compare your injury and illness rates against industry averages to see how you stack up.


But, where do you get this industry-specific information?


KOL's new Industry-Specific Information feature and several other features within KOL can provide you with a good base of information specific to your industry. But what else is out there and how can you use it to your advantage?


See what KOL has to offer

KellerOnline provides you with several resources for industry-specific information. Join Keller on Wednesday, March 25, at 12 noon Central Time for its upcoming Webcast, "Industry-specific information: Zooming in on what matters to your operations." The Webcast will shed light on the types of industry-specific information that is available to you – such as incidence rates and frequently cited OSHA standards and also examine OSHA industry-related targeted inspection programs. The Webcast will also highlight aspects of KOL's new Industry Specific Information feature and other existing features that can assist you in finding and using information specific to your operations.


During the event, J.J. Keller experts will take your questions and offer you advice on how your operation could benefit from the use of industry-specific information. If you have a question prior to the event and want to ensure that your question gets answered during the event, you can submit them by clicking here.

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