Report shows water sustainability ideas save money

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The Ethical Corporation Institute revealed March 19 that despite the economic downturn, operating a green business still makes financial sense.


Ethical Corporation Institute's recent report, a “must have” Guide to Water Ethics Footprinting, Programs and Supply Security finds that companies acting proactively on water management have the opportunity to gain first-mover advantage on the competition.


Coca-Cola argues in the report that there is a strong business case for engaging in water efficiency. The company is seeking ways to reuse water used for manufacturing processes which are directly linked to cost savings.


Companies were accused at the recent World Water Forum in Istanbul of using water selfishly and with no regard for the communities within which they operate. However, in Coca-Cola’s case, many regions of China had severely damaged water sheds when the company first arrived. By partnering local community groups and city or state governments to manage and revitalize watersheds they believe they contributed positively to the local region.


Piet Klop, water expert at the World Resources Institute advises that corporations can invest in water efficiencies and sell their excess for increased revenue. The report looks at how Molson Coors has benefited from this approach in the U.S.


Bart Alexander, vice president for global alcohol policy and corporate responsibility at Molson Coors, interviewed for the report explains that "if we don’t utilize all the water within our water rights portfolio, we can lease or sell the surplus water. … Hence the benefits can be realized on both sides of the balance sheet.”


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