A tough job market demands educated workers

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In today's tough market, it's important to make sure you stand apart from the crowd in your maintenance and reliability career. Add the title of CMRP after your name and onto your resume this year. Join thousands of other SMRP members reaping the benefits of being a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP).


The CMRP program involves a more robust curriculum than other certifications. It's an internationally recognized, ANSI-accredited exam with all-inclusive M&R content. Covering the five pillars of M&R, it's all the knowledge you need to gain confidence and advance your career.

·        Business and management

·        Manufacturing process reliability

·        Equipment reliability

·        People skills

·        Work management


So go ahead, take the exam and put some authority behind your name. Become a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional and put yourself above the crowd.


For more details on the CMRP program and exam, click here or visit http://www.smrp.org/SMRP_certification/index.htm.


To make sure you're taking advantage of all the benefits your SMRP membership offers, visit http://www.smrp.org/join_SMRP/Membership_Benefits.htm.

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