DuPont installs large solar panel array at research site

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DuPont announced the installation of its largest photovoltaic solar energy facility at its Pioneer Hi-Bred Waimea Research Center in Kauai, Hawaii.


The Waimea photovoltaic installation is comprised of 1,500 panels - made from several DuPont photovoltaic materials – produced by Evergreen Solar and installed by REC Solar. The one-acre array is capable of generating about 85 percent of the energy needs of the research facility. It is expected to generate 706,205 kilowatt hours (kwh) annually, or enough power for 64 average-size homes. By using renewable energy, the facility will avoid the emissions (equivalent carbon dioxide) from approximately 100 cars annually, saving Pioneer about $200,000 per year in avoided purchased electricity costs. The installation was completed and fully operational in December 2008.


DuPont has already installed photovoltaic solar power systems for its R&D and business facilities in Wilmington, Del., and Taoyuan, Taiwan.


"This installation is a great example of our commitment to be both a key materials and technology supplier to the photovoltaic industry, and also a leader of solar power use," said Marc Doyle, global business director for DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions. "Our products can help make clean renewable energy a reality while also powering our facilities as part of DuPont's sustainability goals."


REC Solar chief executive officer Angiolo Laviziano commented on the positive business and environmental reasons for companies to embrace solar power to meet their energy needs.


"Companies like DuPont are turning to solar power because it makes good business sense and supports their environmental initiatives," said Laviziano. "DuPont is an innovative business leader that has chosen the most reliable solar technology available today to maximize the amount of clean, renewable solar power generated at its Kauai facility."


Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., a DuPont business, uses innovative technology to carry out crop seed research and development. Randal Francisco, president of the Kauai Chamber of Commerce, noted Pioneer recently celebrated its 40th year as part of Kauai's business and agriculture community. "The Kauai Chamber of Commerce salutes and congratulates Pioneer Hi-Bred in its investment and commitment to renewable energy thereby reducing its dependence on fossil-fuel and returning energy back to Kauai's power grid. It's also economic sense that Pioneer Hi-Bred joins a growing list of Kauai Chamber of Commerce members such as Costco Wholesale Warehouse and Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa as Kauai companies who in the past year invested significant amounts of time and money to join Kauai's ever growing list of businesses and residents who believe in the benefits of renewable energy and a sustainable Kauai future."


Mattie Yoshioka, president and chief executive officer of Kauai Economic Development Board Inc. noted the enthusiasm of participants at its recent Kauai renewable energy conference, complimented Pioneer Hi-Bred International for continuing the momentum generated at the conference. "Pioneer is a committed member of the science and technology community on Kauai, and they are a demonstrated leader in advancing renewable clean energy here with the establishment of the largest ground solar panel installation on Kauai. What could be better for our island than a renewable energy project using one of Kauai's best clean energy resources, sunlight."


DuPont offers the broadest portfolio in the solar energy market with eight essential products. DuPont is a leading material and technology supplier to the photovoltaic industry with more than 25 years of experience in photovoltaic materials development. DuPont technologies enable higher power output with improved productivity and increased solar module lifetime.

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