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The U.S. Department of Energy's Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) established Save Energy Now recognition awards to reward innovative companies for actively pursuing energy-saving opportunities identified through an energy assessment. Since Save Energy Now began in 2007, ITP has recognized 300 U.S. manufacturers who have achieved more than $110 million in cost savings and 16.7 trillion Btu in total energy savings – enough energy to heat more than 330,000 single-family homes annually.


The individual plants and companies that are recognized annually are industry leaders who are investing in the sustainability of their facilities while taking advantage of the benefits of energy and cost savings. They not only reduce industrial energy use and carbon emissions in their facilities, but also serve as powerful examples to the entire manufacturing sector.


These winners play a key role in the success of Save Energy Now, which helps U.S. manufacturers identify ways to reduce energy use in key industrial systems. Between 2006 and 2008, Save Energy Now completed 1,900 energy assessments, which have identified more than $1 billion in potential cost savings and accrued $173 million in actual savings. The 300 awardees to date have contributed more than 60 percent of the implemented savings from the program and continue to build on their assessment recommendations and replicate these throughout their companies. View listings of the award recipients.


Plants and companies qualify for an award by participating in a Save Energy Now energy assessment, implementing recommendations found during the assessment, and reporting their progress on schedule. All participants who meet the criteria are eligible to be selected for an Energy Saver or Energy Champion award according to the amount of energy savings implemented (see sidebar).


Once ITP determines that a plant has met the qualifying criteria based on the submitted progress reports, they are notified that they are eligible for an award. After the award is accepted, the company is publicly recognized, presented a trophy at a major industry meeting or ITP event, and listed on the Save Energy Now Web site. In addition to an award, the company receives access to an online recognition packet that includes logos and a customizable banner to help them publicize their success throughout the company and in their corporate communications.


Honoring Leaders in Energy Efficiency

The award events are conducted at national industry meetings as well as state and local energy events. ITP attempts to recognize awardees amongst their peers and chooses a variety of events throughout the country to reach as many winners as possible. Some recent award venues include:

·        Grocery Manufacturers Association Sustainability Summit – Washington, D.C.

·        IEEE Industrial Energy Efficiency Workshop – Baltimore, Md.

·        Industrial Energy Technology Conference – New Orleans, La.

·        Manufacturers Association of Florida Annual Summit – Jacksonville, Fla.

·        Michigan Energy Conference – Big Rapids, Mich.

·        North Carolina Sustainable Energy Conference – Raleigh, N.C.

·        Northwest Food Manufacturing and Packaging Expo – Portland, Ore.

·        World Energy Engineering Congress – Washington, D.C.


Public recognition of these U.S. manufacturers provides an incentive for energy-saving efforts and publicizes the real-world sustainability and competitive benefits of energy efficiency. The award winners often publish their details of their award in the company newsletter and conduct internal award ceremonies within their plants. These companies find value in the awards through both internal and external marketing along with acknowledgement of their efforts by DOE.


Acknowledging Current and Future Success

The Save Energy Now award winners are shining examples of the energy and cost savings that can be achieved through engineering and management innovation and a commitment to sustainability. These plants and companies are the major success stories of Save Energy Now; ITP hopes to recognize many more companies in the future.


Learn more about the Save Energy Now recognition awards.


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This is a photo of three people against a backdrop of an exhibit booth that reads "Partnering with U.S. Industry". A man and a woman stand with smiling faces and together hold a blue, triangular trophy. Another man stands on the right side of the photo and smiles at the camera.

Jim Peterson of Ball Corporation and Jere Zimmerman of Molson Coors accept an Energy Saver award from DOE representative Paul Scheihing (far right) for energy savings at the Rocky Mountain Metal Container plant, which is a joint venture between the two companies.


Types of Awards

ITP recognizes companies that have implemented energy-saving opportunities identified through a Save Energy Now energy assessment. Award categories include:

Energy Saver logo

Energy Saver: More than 75,000 MMBtu total energy savings or more than 7.5% total energy savings.

Energy Champion Plant logo

Energy Champion Plant: More than 250,000 MMBtu total energy savings or more than 15% total energy savings.

Energy Champion Team logo

Energy Champion Team: More than 10% total energy savings in the original plant and replication in two or more additional plants.

Visit the Eligibility Guidelines and Process Web site for information on award criteria.

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