The business case for green corporate strategies

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Sustainability and "green" business practices have become the hot topic in today's business climate, yet many firms are struggling to uncover what "green" and "sustainable" actually mean in terms of their operations and objectives. Can businesses simultaneously pursue green practices while boosting the bottom line? Can they afford not to? To what extent are consumer and political forces shaping their approach?

One possible framework for measuring the “green-ness” of a given strategy provided by author Bryan Ashenbaum, Ph.D, is the Triple Bottom Line (TBL). TBL incorporates economic, environmental and social performance.

This report delves into some of the definitions of “green” and “sustainability,” the drivers for green initiatives, the business case for green, recommendations for establishing internal and external green strategies, emerging standards and benchmarks, and information on “greenwashing.” It also includes a case study from The Auto Club Group and several Internet resources for further information.

A group of supply executives attending a CAPS Research Critical Issues conference discussed a framework for the way in which companies will address green issues from a supply management perspective and this report is based on that event. Critical Issues Partnership Program Conferences come from our sponsors’ desire to bring subject matter experts (and those wanting information) together on a current crucial issue in supply in a one-day focused meeting, organized by CAPS Research and held at a sponsor company’s site.

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