GE site lauded for workplace safety/health success

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The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has certified GE Oil and Gas Easton/Bethlehem facility in Pennsylvania as a Star site, the highest level in its Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP).

During a ceremony at the facility, John Hermanson, regional administrator of OSHA in Philadelphia, presented a VPP Star flag.

"GE Oil and Gas has done an excellent job putting its employees' safety and health first by sustaining an injury and illness rate below the industry average for three years," said Hermanson.

GE Oil and Gas Easton/Bethlehem designs, repairs, re-rates and manufactures expanders, compressors and steam turbines. The company employs 84 people.

Designed for worksites with comprehensive, successful safety and health programs, the VPP is open to all industries.

More than 2,140 worksites nationwide have earned entry into OSHA's VPP. Employers that have been accepted into the VPP represent more than 270 industries. Requirements include a high degree of management commitment and employee involvement; a high-quality worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control program; and comprehensive safety and health training for all employees. Each of these elements must be effective, in place and in operation for at least one year before a company can apply to join the VPP. Companies in the VPP achieve average injury and illness rates 50 percent below the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) average for other companies in their respective industries.

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