Dell expands global green-packaging strategy

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Dell is implementing a plan to simplify and revolutionize computer packaging that will result in estimated savings of more than $8 million and the elimination of approximately 20 million pounds of packaging material over the next four years. The company’s announcement on December 16 is the latest milestone in Dell’s commitment to become the greenest technology company on the planet.


The company plans to reduce desktop and laptop packaging materials by approximately 10 percent worldwide, increase sustainable content in cushioning and corrugate packaging by 40 percent and ensure that 75 percent of packaging components are curbside recyclable by 2012.


With the announcement, Dell is the only major computer manufacturer with a global packaging reduction target for desktops and laptops. In 2007, the company exceeded its goal to reduce outbound packaging by 10 million pounds by nearly 10 percent. The company’s desktop and laptop packaging goal announced today will help preserve more than 150,000 trees.


Dell is integrating air-filled cushion technology and renewable materials including molded pulp cushions and 100 percent recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) thermal-formed cushions. Milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles are typical materials that comprise the HDPE recycled waste stream. Over the next year, Dell estimates that it will integrate nearly two million recycled milk jugs into cushions protecting its Studio Hybrid system. An estimated 33 million recycled milk jugs will be integrated into desktop and laptop packaging in 2009.


Through its server-packaging option MultiPack, the company is helping customers save time and simplify server installations by eliminating up to half of the packaging materials and waste that results during typical installations.


Dell also announced the Dell Greenprint Advisor, a free Web-based resource center enabling organizations to assess their green initiatives and help prioritize future actions. The advisor is available to U.S. businesses and organizations at and will be expanded to a global audience in the coming months.

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