Does sustainability have an effect on your job role?

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Does sustainability have an effect on your job role or on the operations of your supply management organization? View summarized responses from supply management professionals on how their companies define sustainability in the recently released results of an Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Sustainability Survey. The report, Sustainability Impacts Supply Professionals' Decisions and Supplier Relationships, is available for PDF download from the Research page on ISM's Sustainability and Social Responsibility Web site at


ISM's Sustainability Survey was conducted in late 2007 and included questions on how companies define sustainability, the level of company support for each of the sustainability and social responsibility principles and the effects of sustainability on the supply management organization and job roles and responsibilities.


ISM believes the supply management profession is a strategic contributor in the development and implementation of sustainability and social responsibility programs and behavior. ISM's Sustainability and Social Responsibility Web site provides a broad range of references, measurements, tools, information and best practices to help supply management professionals develop proactive sustainability and social responsibility programs.


As the largest supply management institute in the world, the mission of Institute for Supply Management is to lead supply management. By executing and extending its mission through education, research, standards of excellence, influence building and information dissemination – including the renowned monthly ISM Report On Business – ISM continues to extend the global impact of supply management. ISM is a not-for-profit membership association serving more than 40,000 supply management professionals in 75 countries. ISM offers credentialing to professionals around the world with the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) qualification. ISM is a member of the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM).

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