Owens Corning sets aggressive greenhouse gas goal

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Owens Corning, a world leader in glass fiber reinforcements and building materials systems, announced October 14 that it will reduce its total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent per unit of production from 2006 to 2012. The company has committed to this new goal as part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (USEPA) Climate Leaders voluntary program.


"Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, in line with the Climate Leaders goal, is one demonstration of our commitment to environmental stewardship," said Frank O'Brien-Bernini, chief sustainability officer. "We are proud to partner with Climate Leaders in pursuing this aggressive goal."


Owens Corning will achieve the goal through a host of energy efficiency measures ranging from basic electrical equipment improvements to advanced glass melting technology and heat recovery. It will also reduce greenhouse emissions by implementing new blowing agent technology in its foam insulation manufacturing operations.


"EPA applauds our corporate partners who are reducing their climate footprints in cost-effective ways," said EPA administrator Stephen L. Johnson. "Not only is Owens Corning contributing to this country's energy independence, but the company is proving that businesses can save green by going green."


This U.S. goal complements Owens Corning's other sustainability objectives. For more information about these goals, please visit www.owenscorning.com/sustainability.


Founded in 1938, Owens Corning is a market-leading innovator of glass fiber technology with sales of $5 billion in 2007 and 18,000 employees in 26 countries on five continents.

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