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Products that can be marketed as environmentally friendly, or “green”, offer considerable competitive promise, but can involve ballooning expenses and new requirements that can be as difficult to define as they are to fulfill. “Greening Today’s Products,” a recent research report by Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company, found that companies that fail to meet the challenges of green product development can find themselves missing as much as 75 percent of targeted launch dates and exceed direct product and development budgets for as many as 62 percent of their products. However, those that overcome these challenges, meet key product development milestones at a 93 percent or better average. To obtain a complimentary copy of the report, visit:

Most often, what makes the difference is not strategy, but experience. Aberdeen’s research found that these leading performers are 41 percent more likely than their competitors to have pursued explicit green design programs for over two years, which has given them a considerable amount of time to learn to address the obstacles of green product development.

“The lead time in a strategy merely offers a manufacturer the opportunity to figure what does and does not work well earlier than their peers,” observes Chad Jackson, vice president of product innovation and engineering research, Aberdeen. “Determining the best practices and methods for a design for green strategy can be seen as a very tangible manifestation of the lead time. The marked difference between the Best-in-Class and Laggards comes in the tactical execution of the strategies, where longer pursued strategies have translated into lessons learned.”

The companies that are top performers today were the early adopters that first wrestled with the obstacles of “going green.” Aberdeen’s “Greening Today’s Products” enables readers to take advantage of the lessons learned these companies while avoiding the pain points and obstacles encountered by their peers.

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