Arlon plant hits 10 years without a lost-time injury

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On August 21, the Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., facility of Arlon Materials for Electronics completed an impressive 10 years of operation with no lost-time injuries. Almost 30 percent of its workforce has been with the company during the entire 10-year period leading up to this safety milestone. Arlon, a developer and manufacturer of copper clad laminates and prepreg bonding materials used in the fabrication of high-performance and frequency dependent printed circuit boards, has been located in the Rancho Cucamonga facility since the mid-1980s. The Rancho Cucamonga location is part of Arlon’s Materials for Electronics Division which also operates manufacturing plants in Bear, Del., and Suzhou, China.


Bob Carini, president of the Arlon Electronic Materials Group, said of this accomplishment, “Achieving this milestone is a direct result of all our employees’ commitment to making Arlon a safe place to work. A key part of this commitment has been maintenance of an open line of communication throughout the company to prioritize safety and to promptly follow up on each safety issue to the fullest. Safety is an integral part of each employee’s contribution to the work environment. An injury-free workplace is a top priority for us and ten years without a lost-time injury is an extremely significant achievement. All our employees have done a fantastic job in reaching this milestone.”


Arlon Materials for Electronics Division specializes in high performance laminate and prepreg materials for use in a wide variety of PCB (printed circuit board) applications. The Rancho Cucamonga facility specializes in thermoset resin technologies including polyimide, high Tg multifunctional epoxy, and low loss thermoset laminate and prepreg systems. These resin systems are available on a variety of substrates and are used in various applications, including wireless communications infrastructure, military and commercial avionics, and semiconductor test and measurement equipment. Arlon’s Delaware and China facilities specialize in fluoropolymers (i.e. PTFE), ceramic-filled fluoropolymers, and low loss ceramic hydrocarbon thermoset laminates. These materials deliver the electrical performance needed in frequency-dependent circuit applications such as base station power amplifiers and antennas, military radar systems, communications systems, and a wide array of other specialized antenna applications.

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