Novel offers a futuristic view of lean and ISO 9001

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The Society of Manufacturing Engineers announces the release of a new novel, “LEAN 9001: Battle for the Arctic Rose”,  a compelling science fiction story that contrasts differing approaches to implementing lean and ISO 9001.


Set in the year 7278, readers will identify with the book's vying characters, Mark Alexander, general manager of the Arctic Rose Company and his fierce cut-throat competitor, Damar Iratus, vice president of operations, Krote Corporation. Through an intertwined plot, readers will be the judge as the two apply divergent approaches to achieving quality and customer satisfaction. Spies, security forces, consultants, suppliers and pirates are also among the cast of characters who are in search of the most valuable plant in the universe – the Arctic Rose tree.


Anyone involved with integrating quality management systems and lean will enjoy this story as told by authors John Guderian and Timothy Renaud. Its fast pace and often humorous dialogue will captivate and engage readers as they uncover how ISO 9001 and lean techniques can actually complement one another. Thought provoking, the novel also begs the questions: How do you see your company? Which path will you take? How can bureaucracy and non-value added activities be removed from your daily work?


The foreword written by Peter E. Teti, technical fellow, quality engineering at Hamilton Sundstrand, United Technologies Corporation, says, "Quality is the lean enabler. … Lean is all about creating value for the customer. One key learning you'll discover as you read this story is that procedures alone, although important, do not necessarily represent what the customer values. … A strong upfront design for quality process will 'vaccinate' the value stream against long-term diseases and reduce the risk of warranty claims, customer returns and field failures. … To truly achieve the customer's perspective on what value is, a company must first have a rock-solid quality system in place. Only then can the full benefits of lean be realized."


To purchase a copy of “Lean 9001: Battle for the Arctic Rose”, call 800-733-4763.

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