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IQMS, a leader in the design and development of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, has launched a new Automation Group to expand the interface capabilities of its EnterpriseIQ ERP system with manufacturing equipment on the shop floor. The newly formed group, comprised of engineers and programmers, is managed by programmer, Jason Slater. The group’s goal is to work with existing IQMS customers to create greater efficiency and automation between shop-floor hardware and ERP software, resulting in leaner manufacturing operations.


“As the economy continues to require higher levels of efficiency from every manufacturing sector, the link between the shop floor and the enterprise software has become crucial. Many ERP solutions, however, ignore existing shop floor capabilities,” said Randy Flamm, president and founder of IQMS. “IQMS has lead the innovation between ERP software and shop floor equipment with solutions like our wireless RealTime Machine Monitoring which automatically delivers critical production data to the ERP system. Having real-time shop floor data from various pieces of equipment that works in tandem with the ERP system delivers such a great benefit that we saw a need to formalize a group dedicated to advancing this capability and driving even better, leaner results.”


The IQMS Automation Group launches with several custom developed projects at a number of customer beta sites. Implementations include capabilities such as:

·        Two-way communication with PLCs to control and initiate conveyors, vertical lifts, scanners, palletizers, photoeye sensors, and other pieces of equipment

·        Two-way communication with stretch wrap machines via relay/digital input boards to automate final packaging of customer product

·        Automated FIFO pick/store warehouse applications for forklifts

·        Directly interfacing with work centers to automatically report scrap and production

·        Other custom PLC interfacing projects developed with customer input


“Integration capabilities between manufacturing equipment and ERP software will allow manufacturers to be more competitive in a demand driven economy,” said Slater. “IQMS is committed to helping manufacturers run successful, collaborative and lean business environments. I am proud to be a part of this latest effort that will drive further innovation on the shop floor and allow our customers to better meet the dynamic needs of their manufacturing businesses.”

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