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Keys Six Sigma Inc. announces the publication of “Lessons Learned from an Unconventional Design for Lean Six Sigma Deployment” book. Available from (, the book outlines the successful development and deployment of Xerox’s Design for Lean Six Sigma initiative within the product development community.

Written by Norm Fowler, the book outlines the unconventional approach to the Design for Lean Six Sigma content and certification development as well as overall corporate-wide deployment. Prior to starting Keys Six Sigma, Norm was a member of Xerox’s Corporate Lean Six Sigma senior staff and had responsibility for the Design for Lean Six Sigma initiative.

Norm describes in detail the collaborative process used in developing the unconventional program structure built around elements such as a unique competency-based certification process based on a set of standard System Engineering skills, integration of Lean and DMAIC methods and a “push” coaching model. Included were not only the technical and process issues associated with development and deployment, but also those associated with the program’s pervasiveness across the Corporation and sustainability over time. The book concludes with a series of lessons learned through the development and deployment phases that are equally applicable to other types of corporate-wide initiatives.

Keys Six Sigma ( is a consulting firm which focuses on assessing an organization’s unique situation; working with management to assess their needs and putting in place the right training, coaching and infrastructure to make the overall deployment successful.

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