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2007 Lean, Reliable and Lubed Conference Proceedings

If you missed Lean, Reliable and Lubed 2008, get all the details in the 2008 Conference Proceedings book. At 498 pages, you'll reference it for years.

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Table of Contents

Lubrication Excellence

Oil Analysis

It's Time to - Revisit and Update Your Oil Analysis Program

Creating a Lean but effective oil analysis program

Starting a new Oil Analysis Program ... Burden or Benefit?

The Achilles Heal of Greased Machinery: Using Predictive Technologies to Determine and Optimize Lubrication Condition

The Importance of Monitoring Individual Antioxidants in Multi-Component AO Additive Packages

Streamlined Grease Sampling and Analysis for Detection of Wear,Oxidation and Mixed Greases

Secondary Review of Oil Analysis Data

Auto-Evaluation of Oil Analysis Test Data

How to Monitor and Save Gearboxes Using Oil Analysis

In-Line, Continuous Monitoring of Fuel Dilution in Motor Oils by Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy

On-Site Additive Depletion and Monitoring in Turbine Oils by FT-IR Spectroscopy

Development and Initial Test Results of the Intellistick Oil Condition Monitoring Sensor System for Combustion Engine Oils

Case Study: Increasing Engine Life Through the Use of Used Oil and Filter Analysis, and Re-Burn Technology

Is This the Right Oil Lab for My Business: Considerations and Steps to Make That Determination

Lubrication Basics

Back to the Basics - Building Blocks to Creating an Effective Plant Lubrication Program

Electric Motor Lubrication Program

How to Use a Lubrication Program Audit to Increase Equipment Reliability Improvements

The Filtration Equation - How, When and Where to Filter Oil

Condition Based Maintenance and Fluid Analysis

Understanding Oil Analysis: Viscosity and Particle Count

Are You Protecting Your Investments?

Fundamentals of Basic Lubrication

Lubricants and Lubrication

Designing, Implementing and Executing Lubrication Excellence

Is Your Reliability Program Well Lubricated?

Case Study: The Sweet Tastes of Lubrication Excellence

Lubrication - Whose Job is it Anyway?

Fluid Condition Monitoring, Care and Cleanup

Criteria for Lubrication Selection - Beyond the OEM Manual

What You Should Expect From Your Lubrication Supplier

Can Lubrication Oil Last Indefinitely?

A Comprehensive Decision-Making Algorithm for Lubricant Vendor Selection

LIS Recharged - An Improved Lubricant Identification System

Contamination Control

Water Contamination Control

Advanced Tools For Hydraulic Contamination Control On Mobile Equipment

Achieving the Target Cleanliness in a Gearbox - A Case Study Presentation

Proactive Control and Detection of Destructive Foaming Problems

New Technology Changes the Landscape for Varnish Removal

Protect Your Equipment by STARTING with Clean Lubricants

Reduced Deposits by Using a Chemically Compatible Turbine Oil

Soluble Varnish - The Final Piece to the Puzzle

Magnetic Filters - A Novel Approach to Proactive Maintenance

Importance of Diagnostic Tools in Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Hydraulic Systems

Lean Manufacturing

Pure Lean

Integrating Lean Tactics in an Enterprise Maintenance Service Organization

Managing for Daily Improvement: Building a Successful Lean Culture

Lean is more than Tools

Reliability and Lean Six Sigma

KPIs for Lean Manufacturing Excellence - You Can't Control What You Can't Measure

Working with Machines: The Nuts and Bolts of Lean Operations

"But We're a Large Job-shop" Transitioning to Lean Case Study

The Confused State of Lean: Comparing Regions, Industries, Companies

'Functional Excellence': A Framework to Guide Lean Contribution to Business Performance

The Road to Continuous Improvement in a Manufacturing Environment

Just-In-Time Job Shop Production Management - A Wire Manufacturing Case Study

Lean Reliability

Mini-workshop: Lean and the Downtime Life Cycle

Using Visual Controls to Support TPM

Lean and Green: BMW Turns Landfill Gas to Plant Energy

Clean, Lean and Reliable: The New Standard for MRO Storerooms

Increase your Profits using Process Reliability Analysis

Creating a Culture to Drive Continuous Improvement Forever

Whirlpool Puts a New Spin on Assembly Area

Hammering Home the Importance of Lean Implementation

Reliability World

Reliability Basics

Integrating Lean Manufacturing Concepts into a Reliability Program

Reliability: Building the Foundation for Lean

Data Integrity Is a Universal Issue

How Ultrasound Can Prevent Electrical Failures by Non Invasive Inspection Or "What is that sound coming from the electrical cabinet?"

Utilizing Condition Based Maintenance Tools to Prevent Equipment Failures: An Integrated Approach

Leveraging the Power of Infrared Cameras for Condition Monitoring Programs

Understanding and Applying Best Maintenance and Reliability Practices

Applying the Correct Maintenance Strategies to Your Assets: How to Make Business-Driven Decisions

Improving Facility Reliability & Availability at AEDC

Inventory Optimization: Show Me the Money

Constructing a Concrete Foundation for Machine Reliability

Best Available Techniques and the Reliability of Rolling Element Bearings

Lean opportunities in MRO Procurement: Improved productivity and reduced waste

Applying Value Stream Analysis to the Maintenance Work Cycle How a Lean Tool Can Identify Quantum-Leap Improvement in Planned Maintenance

Effective Use of Statistical Models to Establish and Update Vibration Alarm Levels

Reliability Engineering

Principles of Planning and Scheduling

Implement a Cost Effective Root Cause Problem Elimination (RCPE) Process "Root Cause Problem Elimination on the Plant Floor"

Reliability Engineering Principles for the Plant Engineer

Predicting Electric Motor Bearing Failures & Measuring Lubrication Film Thickness, Case Studies

"Selling" your Reliability Program The Seven Customer Rules

TPM with RCM Forming a Powerful Combination

How to Identify and Correct a Resonance Condition on Critical Equipment

The Lean Replacement of Bearings, Pumps and Motors

Full-blown SAE JA1011 compliant Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is only part of the solution

50 Lubrication Failure Modes from RCM Analysis

Dollarized FMEAs - A Modern Approach to Assessing and Eliminating Manufacturing Risks and Value Losses

Surface Treatment for Worn Machinery

Wireless Condition Monitoring - Hype vs. Reality The Business Case for Wireless Sensors ... It's all about the $$$

Why Equipment Fails

Reliability Management

Turning Corporate Asset Management Into Real Earnings Per Share

Developing a Maintenance and Reliability Strategy

Removing the Barriers to Results through Effective Leadership

Enhancing Profitability through Improved Reliability - A proven approach to RCM

Rate Yourself in Maintenance Effectiveness

Lean Maintenance - Reduce Costs, Improve Quality and Increase Market Share

Selling Maintenance to Top Management

Effective Maintenance Dashboards and Metrics

Effective RCFA Methods for Smaller Companies

Can a Cultural Shift Toward RCM Improve a Food Manufacturer's Performance?

Developing a Multi-Skilled Maintenance Organization

The "A-B-Cs" of Maintenance Training: 10 Elements Essential in Developing a Comprehensive Maintenance Training Program

Knowledge Management and the Plant: The Why and the How of It.

Establishing a Condition-Based Maintenance Program for Buildings and Facilities

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