MWV Specialty Chemicals lauded for energy efficiency

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The American Chemistry Council has recognized MeadWestvaco Corporation for its achievement in energy efficiency by naming MWV Specialty Chemicals as one of its distinguished recipients of the Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Award for 2007.


The Responsible Care Award recognizes MWV Specialty Chemicals’ energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction project at its operations in Charleston, S.C.; Covington, Va.; DeRidder, La.; Wickliffe, Ky.; and Waynesboro, Ga., where thorough energy use assessments and careful operational refinements resulted in significant reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas and particulate emissions. MWV Specialty Chemicals partnered with the Georgia Institute of Technology to launch the comprehensive project in 2006 by involving auditing teams from Georgia Tech’s Economic Development Institute in the initial energy assessments.


“Many people throughout our operations worked hard to find creative ways to save energy and reduce emissions,” said Martin Heyne, MWV Specialty Chemicals’ vice president of operations. “In some cases, we incorporated new technologies; other changes involved process improvements and sharper operational focus. This team effort heightened our awareness of the role each of us can play in making a very real difference in our environmental and energy impact.”


“MWV Specialty Chemicals has demonstrated its commitment to energy efficiency and the local community by implementing innovative practices, procedures and processes,” said Jack N. Gerard, president and CEO of the American Chemistry Council. “Saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our own operations is one of the chemistry industry’s key goals. At the same time, our advanced materials help the entire U.S. economy be more energy efficient.”


The Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Awards program is one of ACC’s many ongoing initiatives to improve energy efficiency. These projects have the added benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2007, the total annual energy savings achieved by the awards was 14.1 trillion BTUs, while annual carbon dioxide emissions reductions were approximately 1,474,703 tons. Companies were recognized in five categories: Energy Efficiency Program, Significant Improvement in Manufacturing, Environmental Impact, Non-Manufacturing Improvement and Public Outreach.


Since 1974, Responsible Care companies have reduced fuel and power energy consumption per unit of output by nearly half. And as an industry, between 1990 and 2006, absolute greenhouse gas emissions fell 12.5 percent, a reduction that would have exceeded the Kyoto Protocol target. ACC’s greenhouse gas intensity – greenhouse gas emissions per unit of output – improved 38 percent in that time.


MeadWestvaco Corporation provides packaging solutions to many of the world’s most-admired brands in the healthcare, personal and beauty care, food, beverage, media and entertainment, and home and garden industries. The company's businesses include Consumer & Office Products, Specialty Chemicals, and the Community Development and Land Management Group, which sustainably manages the company’s land holdings to support its operations, and to provide for conservation, recreation and development opportunities. With 24,000 employees worldwide, MWV operates in 30 countries and serves customers in more than 100 nations.

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