ASQ board gives green light to new global strategy

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The American Society for Quality board of directors approved a business plan and first-year funding for a major expansion of its global operations. 


The Global Transformation plan is designed to respond to growing member needs and quality community growth opportunities outside the United States. While the focus is on activities and programs outside the United States, the ASQ board made it clear that the plan will result in enhanced opportunity for all members, today and into the future.


The plan includes the following initiatives:

  • Expanded and enhanced services through the existing ASQ China and ASQ India organizations
  • Additional focus on membership and quality community opportunities in Brazil, Mexico and South Korea
  • Creation of an ASQ Global business unit to manage membership development, global business relationships and activities.

The Global Transformation is designed to increase ASQ member value through new products and services, expanded career path support, and other capabilities benefiting quality professionals and practitioners, locally and globally.  It will result in global content, global networking of technology and people, global sharing of expertise, solutions and quality applications, and global coverage of global developments. 


The current board action funds the Global Transformation for the first year. In principle, the Global Transformation’s “investing in the world” efforts are planned and expected to become economically viable within three to five years.


The ASQ board will continue to direct, monitor, and adapt the Global Transformation plan with the same careful research, due diligence and data-driven decision making employed since the idea was conceived two years ago.

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