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Random thoughts while pondering whether or not to clean up my office:

Anniversaries: Noria Corporation is celebrating 10 years of business in 2008. Noria is the publisher of Reliable Plant magazine, as well as Machinery Lubrication and Practicing Oil Analysis magazines, three content-packed Web sites and three e-mail newsletters. The company also performs maintenance and reliability consulting services around the world, holds training and education events on the same global scale, and creates lubrication software programs. Our representatives staff offices in 33 countries. Not too bad for a firm that started in 1998 with three people in a tiny office in Tulsa, Okla.

Going to Nashville: "Lean, Reliable and Lubed 2008", our big international conference and exhibition, is fast approaching. More than 1,500 industrial professionals will be attending the event on May 20-22 in Nashville, Tenn.

If you've never been to Lean, Reliable and Lubed, you have to check it out. The conference features more than 120 keynote addresses, case studies, industry reports and training sessions. The exhibition features more than 150 vendors showcasing products and services to help you achieve maximum reliability, performance and productivity. If you've been to Lean, Reliable and Lubed in the past, I'm sure I'll see you in Nashville in May.

Web sightings: The Reliable Plant Web site,, hit several milestones recently.

In January, we posted the 10,000th information file to the site. Today, the RP Web portal houses more than 11,000 Industry News articles, magazine articles, Web exclusive articles, and video and audio files.

Also, more than 600,000 people visited in 2007. Visitors logged in from 182 countries. Thanks to the 400,000-plus visitors from the United States all the way down to our one regular visitor from the tiny South Pacific island of Vanuatu. Those 600,000-plus visitors spent nearly 15,000 hours on the Reliable Plant Web site in 2007 and accessed more than 1 million pages of information.

If you are a frequent visitor to the RP site, you should also check out our sister publications' sites at and One of the real neat portions of our Internet offerings is the Message Board area. Here, thousands of readers interact with one another, posting and answering questions on topics spanning condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and lubrication. On the RP site, access this area by clicking on the Discuss link at the top of the home page.

Newsletter news: The 75th issue of RP Mail, one of Reliable Plant's information-heavy e-mail newsletters, will be published this spring. We are closing in on 50,000 subscribers to RP Mail, which features access to more than 40 articles, news items, white papers and AV files in each issue. RP's other e-mail publication, Lean Manufacturing Journal, features an equally large helping of info in every issue. You can sign up for these free e-newsletters by visiting and clicking on the Newsletter link.

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