Switzerland to host international maintenance events

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The requirements of modern maintenance, which should rightly be placed in top management and the field of "physical asset management" today, are the provision of services for value conservation and improved plant productivity dependent on the requirements of the production program and/or the optimal plant function. To achieve these objectives, there are many measures to make sure that the high economic significance of maintenance becomes transparent. Exhibitions and congresses are ideal transfer platforms for this.


The double congress – 18th EUROMAINTENANCE and third World Congress on Maintenance, including a substantiated accompanying exhibition - which is taking place between June 20-22 in Basel, Switzerland, is unique in its form and an ideal information forum. Maintenance experts and facility managers from all over the world are meeting for the first time in Basel to exchange experience and show trends. They will emphasis the economic significance of maintenance and facility management in all branches and, at the same time, show the decisive role, which this specialist area has on the increasing globalization process. This is predominantly because maintenance is contributing more and more to productivity increase, value preservation and competitive ability in today's world.


Maintenance has advanced to an indispensable top management task, which predominantly analyzes the best cost-benefit measures and contributes to decision-making. Both this topic, which appears under management and competency or business excellence, and others, including life-cycle management, infrastructures and networks for maintenance and facility management, risk management, training and human factors and environment and sustainability will be illuminated from many sides during this congress. Around 140 high-caliber speakers from all over the world - including Reliable Plant technical editor Drew Troyer - will be imparting their knowledge to a wide public and discussing it in detail with other experts.


Renowned sponsors such as SKF, ABB, MIBAG, MCE Industrie-technik, SAP, Rheinhold & Mahla, SwissFM and other companies have spontaneously declared themselves ready to support the congress in a multitude of ways. This shows that the new maintenance ideas in global economies are meeting with a large reverberation. As well as the many maintenance and FM service specialists and process managers in the industry, business circles spanning all areas, such as consultants, political institutions, authorities, management and financial companies are becoming increasingly confronted with maintenance and FM questions. The EUROMAINTENANCE and World Congress on Maintenance offer all participants the chance to bring their knowledge up-to-date and to experience what is possible through modern maintenance and with which concepts and strategies modern maintenance can be efficiently converted.

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