Villanova University expands online Six Sigma program

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Villanova University, the country's largest online provider of Six Sigma education, has expanded its successful Six Sigma offering with programs tailored to specific business settings. The new programs are designed to help a broader number of professionals take advantage of the methodology's proven practices for improving product/service quality and dramatically reducing failure rates.


Villanova has specially designed four Six Sigma programs – three that reveal how the methodology can be applied in healthcare, financial services and information technology, plus a general program with examples and case studies from a number of other industries. Each master certificate program features a panel of seasoned experts who guide participants through a specialized green belt course as well as Lean Six Sigma and black belt courses.



These online programs demonstrate how organizations of all sizes have benefited from Six Sigma. General Electric, one of the most successful companies using Six Sigma, has realized an estimated $10 billion in benefits during the first five years of implementation. In the financial services industry, Bank of America credits Six Sigma with $2 billion in revenue gains and cost savings since 2001. And numerous healthcare facilities throughout the United States have documented millions of dollars in annual savings directly attributed to Six Sigma.


New Programs Offer Materials from All Six Sigma Courses
Regardless of the Six Sigma master certificate program participants choose, they receive unprecedented access to lectures from all specialized Six Sigma courses – both online and on CD-ROM. This offers professionals the opportunity to learn from other industry examples and receive expanded explanations of the Six Sigma body of knowledge. Participants also have access to the industry-specific study supplements in the other programs. Perhaps most importantly, they are able to interact with professionals in industries outside their own, a benefit that allows them to compare best practices and acquire a deeper understanding of Six Sigma techniques.


"Villanova's Master Certificates in Six Sigma are the ideal way to conveniently earn the skills and credentials to become a sought-after professional in any department or industry," said Dan Munson, senior director of Six Sigma Online Professional Education for Villanova University.


Green Belt, Lean Sensei and Lean Black Belt Certifications Also Offered
The university's master certificate programs are specially designed to prepare individuals for career-building Six Sigma certifications. Professionals who earn certifications through Villanova enjoy instant recognition, credibility and respect for their new credentials, which are the only Six Sigma certifications offered online.


"Earning your green belt, lean sensei and lean black belt certifications validates your commitment to quality, increases your earning potential, and gives you a competitive advantage in the workplace," Munson said. "No other credential does a better job of ensuring employers that your contributions will significantly impact the bottom line."

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