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Today's manufacturers are striving to improve the performance and reliability of their equipment and facilities to become more productive and more competitive. "Lean Machines for World-Class Manufacturing and Maintenance" is a definitive guide for improving equipment operability and maintainability through applied visuals and minor modifications.

According to the author, Robert Williamson of Strategic Work Systems Inc., this book started out as a decade-long quest for "world-class simplicity," which led to his first book, "Visual Systems for Improving Equipment Effectiveness," in 1998. World-class simplicity resulted in common sense, but not common practice, solutions to equipment communications. "Lean Machines" is the product of the author's many years of working as a mechanic, teacher and consultant to companies in a myriad of industrial sectors.

There are many benefits to applying "Lean Machines" principles to industrial equipment. Equipment is significantly easier to operate, easier to maintain, and easier to inspect and troubleshoot. Visuals have also shown that equipment-specific training can be reduced by 60 to 80 percent. All of this results in eliminating human error and improving efficiency and effectiveness.

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