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APQC (previously known as the American Productivity & Quality Center) is conducted a benchmarking survey on the subject of production equipment maintenance.


The primary objective of this survey is to gather metrics that will allow you to compare the cost and performance of your production equipment maintenance along with practices to that of other organizations. In exchange for completing this survey, you'll receive a custom metrics report. Information provided to APQC via this survey will be used in accordance with the Benchmarking Code of Conduct, meaning that all information you provide will remain anonymous.


This benchmarking study is initiated and sponsored by Boeing, which will be an active participant, but neither they nor any other participant will be able to link your survey responses to your organization.


The survey scope includes all production equipment maintenance services, whether in-house or outsourced. It covers the following activities:

  • Schedule and perform production equipment maintenance
  • Management activities
  • Operational availability
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Planned/scheduled maintenance
  • Preventative/predictive maintenance
  • Assessment/reporting of maintenance performance
  • Reliability program

This survey is designed to be easy to follow and easy to use.


Please take the time and complete this survey. Your organization will certainly benefit from your involvement.


Access the survey here.



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