Kids take tour of hunting bow manufacturing plant in Wisconsin

RP news wires
Tags: manufacturing

This video features a tour of the Mathews Inc. manufacturing plant in Sparta, Wis. Mathews is the largest grossing bow manufacturer in the world. Mathews produces lots of different compound bows. The video creators found out that Mathews has sold more than 1 million bows since 1992, when the company was started. And they spend a lot of time working to make their product better and better which is why their slogan, "catch us if you can" makes a lot of sense. We heard about how Matt McPherson, the owner of Mathews, put the company on the map with single cam technology (Solocam), which makes their bows lighter, faster, quieter and very, very accurate. That's very important stuff when you are taking a shot at a whitetail out in the woods.

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