Staffing Issues in the Lubrication Industry | Gear Talk: Episode 13

Noria Media
Tags: talent management, business management

In this episode of Gear Talk, Wes sits down with lubrication expert Rafe Britton to discuss staffing issues in the lubrication industry.

A mechanical engineer with more than 13 years of plant experience both as an operator and lubricant supplier, Rafe is also widely known within the industry for his popular YouTube channel and podcast. He also works with mid-size companies to develop their lube programs, improve uptime and reduce costs, and serves as a technical committee member for the Australian Lubricants Association. This episode is loaded with anecdotes, laughs, and insights for plant managers and lube techs, alike. So, sit back and enjoy as Wes picks Rafe's mind about his years of experience working with plant staff and management.

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