The Importance of Lubrication Management in Maintenance & Reliability with Travis Richardson

Greg Christensen, CMMSradio
Tags: CMMS and EAM

This CMMSradio episode features host Greg Christensen and guest Travis Richardson discussing Noria's LubePM — A lubrication management system (LMS) — and the intricacies of designing lubrication and oil analysis protocols in your plant environments. LubePM goes beyond the limits of CMMS platforms when it comes to next-level maintenance and reliability best practices, and it allows for API utilization should you wish to get data from LubePM into your CMMS platform. What is the main problem LubePM solves? What factors go into assessing a plant environment, and how does that contribute to creating lubrication routes? How does this data from LubePM translate into the KPIs management needs to see while simultaneously making it easy for technicians to handle their workload to match how they like to work?
In the podcast, Greg and Travis also the 2023 Reliable Plant & Machinery Lubrication Conference happening July 31 - August 3, 2023, in Orlando, Florida.
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