Greenwood Achieves 5 Million Safe Work Hours

Noria news wires
Tags: workplace safety

Greenwood Inc. recently celebrated 5 million safe work hours at its West Virginia Operations (WVO) project in South Charleston, West Virginia. This milestone was accomplished after 17 years of continuous operations without a lost-time event.

The integrated maintenance, construction and workforce solutions provider hosted a luncheon for more than 225 attendees to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the team. Greenwood’s executive group was also onsite to thank current and past employees as well as client representatives for their efforts in making this accomplishment possible. Special recognition was given to 10 current employees who were part of the original team 17 years ago.

“Accomplishments like this underscore why we emphasize safety in all aspects of our work,” said Mike Simmons, Greenwood’s corporate safety director. “By remaining ‘always aware,’ employees are reminded every day to make safety a top priority by thinking, acting and performing safely at work and away from the office. When we do that, we get to celebrate the results.”

Greenwood first began work in West Virginia at a major client site in 2002 with 20 employees. Over the past 17 years, the company’s presence in the area has grown to six ongoing client operations and nearly 200 employees.

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