Veleda Services Unveils Equipment Parts Search Tool

Noria news wires
Tags: maintenance and reliability

Veleda Services recently introduced a new search tool designed to help tradespeople quickly find the equipment parts they need. FindIt combines the flexibility of a computer database with the structured addition of supplementary search data.

A single click on the desktop opens a search box where words or numbers can be entered in any order. A list of "hits" is instantaneously displayed. If the list is too long, additional search strings can be entered to "drill down" until the required item is found. Double-clicking a column displays the full description for any line item if some data is hidden.

While intended for shift tradespeople, FindIt can also be used by planners and storeroom staff, with searches often uncovering duplicated stock items and data-entry errors.

The search tool utilizes a data-preparation process that adds the expanded form of common abbreviations, alternative spellings and other supplementary terms to further improve searching reliability.

FindIt also supports searching across multiple operations, which can be helpful if spare parts are common. Its small file size even allows maintenance supervisors and other staff to install it on their home computers in case shift personnel call at night.   

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