Ford to Reduce Water Usage in Vehicle Manufacturing

Noria news wires
Tags: manufacturing

Ford recently announced plans to reduce its use of water by nearly three-fourths as the company takes the next step toward using zero potable (drinking) water for vehicle manufacturing.

By 2020, Ford aims to have reduced its water usage per vehicle by 72 percent and to have saved more than 10 billion gallons of water since 2000.

"With many of our plants located in water-stressed regions around the globe, we're focused on responsible water stewardship in our operations," said Bruce Hettle, Ford vice president. "We aim to ensure a stable water supply for our facilities while working with local communities to help ensure their needs are met."

Ford saved 10 billion gallons of water from 2000 to 2015, a decrease of 61 percent. By achieving that feat in 2013, the company beat its own water-reduction target by two years.  

Ford has achieved its reductions to date by implementing new technologies such as its three-wet paint process and minimum quantity lubrication. The company will continue to roll out real-time water metering using innovative technologies to aggressively manage water use.

Ford also conducts ongoing water assessments to determine where new water-saving processes can be utilized.

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