Bombardier Announces New Aircraft Maintenance Plan

Noria news wires
Tags: maintenance and reliability

Bombardier Aerospace recently announced a new maintenance plan that targets CSeries aircraft line maintenance checks at intervals of 850 flight hours and base maintenance checks at intervals of 8,500 flight hours.

The proposed maintenance plan will allow operators of CSeries aircraft to benefit from minimized downtime and more competitive maintenance costs, all while ensuring the inherent safety and reliability of the aircraft.

Bombardier has been developing a maintenance program for the CSeries aircraft since October 2010. Throughout the design evolution phase, the company determined that line maintenance and base maintenance task intervals could be achieved at or in excess of 850 and 8,500 flight hours, respectively.

"These proposed intervals will provide our operators with a leading maintenance program for the CSeries aircraft," said Bombardier vice president Todd Young. "We believe that this offers further evidence of our commitment to provide competitive maintenance cost solutions for CSeries aircraft operators."

Prior to the airliner's entry into service in 2014, the maintenance program for the CSeries aircraft will remain under development, with multiple working group and industry steering committee meetings before the maintenance review board report is submitted to authorities for acceptance.

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