IMI Launches Vibration Monitoring System

Noria news wires
Tags: condition monitoring, vibration analysis

IMI Sensors recently introduced the new Echo wireless vibration monitoring system, which is designed to allow users to monitor the health of critical machinery more frequently and safely than walk-around systems while helping to reduce downtime and inefficiency.

Requiring no gateways, mesh or repeaters, the system uses extended range radio frequency (ERRF) technology to transmit long distances in typical plant environments. It transmits at only 0.75 milliwatts effective radiated power (ERP) in the unlicensed 900 megahertz band and does not interfere with other wireless communications such as Wi-Fi.

The system consists of wireless vibration sensors, a junction box, a receiver and monitoring software. Each wireless vibration sensor can be programmed to transmit data at a pre-determined interval, and a lone receiver is capable of accepting data from hundreds of sensors.

Users can transmit data from existing analog inductively coupled plasma (ICP) accelerometers using the 8-channel wireless junction box. The transmitted data set features overall vibration measurements scaled in acceleration, velocity, true peak and crest factor.

The monitoring software allows predictive maintenance (PdM) professionals to establish alarm values, plot vibration data over time, generate reports and receive email alerts. By using the alarm panel included in the software, PdM professionals can see the status of all monitored points at a glance and focus valuable manpower on analyzing faulty machines rather than taking data on healthy ones.

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