Productivity Inc. Sponsors TPM Manager Certification Program

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Tags: total productive maintenance, continuous improvement, maintenance and reliability

Middle- and top-level executives can now obtain certification in total productive maintenance (TPM) through a program sponsored by Productivity Inc. and the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University.

The TPM manager certification program is designed for executives at any company interested in increasing process capability, improving equipment reliability and establishing a culture of teamwork, which are all critical components of an effective continuous improvement initiative.   

“TPM enables a company to move from being a reactive to a proactive maintenance organization focused on preventive, scheduled and corrective maintenance activities,” says Maureen Fahey, managing partner of Productivity Inc. “Moving from fix and repair to equipment management provides the flexibility necessary to substantially reduce costs and generate additional income by increasing overall capacity.”

Over four non-consecutive weeks, participants experience a series of learning modules. In between the weeks of training, they are required to apply the methods they have learned in class to operations at their own companies. Participants who successfully complete the four-week training and mentoring program, pass the certification exam and demonstrate successful implementation of the techniques in their own facility are then certified by Productivity Inc. and the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University. 

“More and more organizations are realizing that corporate profitability is built on asset reliability,” said Ellis New, senior management consultant for Productivity Inc. “As a result, it has become apparent that the lean manager can’t do it alone. There is a need for a counterpart to manage the improvement initiative from the equipment process reliability side. The TPM manager fills this need. Having both a certified lean manager and certified TPM manager will provide organizations with the synergy they need to really succeed.”

Productivity Inc. and the Fisher College of Business also offer a lean manager certification program and a lean tool awareness certificate. The next TPM manager certification session starts Aug. 6, 2012, on the Ohio State University campus. 

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